Wednesday, March 9, 2016

GDN Press Release

The General Availability launch of the GDN extension has been a highly anticipated milestone for the GDN Registry, a company that has spent considerable time preparing for the acquisition and launch of its new TLD. GDN Registry is especially excited for the GA launch of .gdn because it offers a true generic option to .com. For this reason, .gdn is both a mass market TLD and an extension projected to provide high conversion rates for partner registrars.

To prepare for the launch, GDN Registry established a strong foundation with top domain registrars like Mark Monitor & Gandi & soon-to-come Safenames & Open Provider with much more to follow. GDN Registry will work hard to support its registrar partners to ensure the partnership is as fruitful as possible.

Since the GA launch, GDN is proud to announce that over 9,000 .gdn domain names have been registered and counting. Some of the top brands in world like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, & much more have registered their GDN domain names. With numbers growing daily, GDN is one of the cheapest domains available in the industry, especially considering our 3-year registration package. 

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