Friday, March 18, 2016

GDN Registry News

GDN Registry News: Week of March 18, 2016
Numbers update.

Since our last post there were some issues in regards to accurate numbers of .gdn domain registrations. During that that the issue was resolved and you can visit for an accurate representation of the number of .gdn domain registrations as of March 18, 2016.

Accredited Registrars for .gdn domains on the rise.

On last week’s news update and press release GDN Registry was proud to announce the accreditation of major registrars Mark Monitor, Gandi, & Safenames. Well this week GDN Registry was proud to announce accreditation to Chengdu West, Open Provider, & Ascio. These are some of the biggest domain registrar in the industry & GDN Registry is honored to be working with all of them and will provide any & all support that is needed to make all involved successful.

So as you can tell it’s been a busy week in the GDN Registry offices between .gdn registrations and registrars signing up but even with all the action going on GDN Registry is extremely excited for what is yet to come.

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